Sunday, January 16, 2011


Kristen says, Momma you need a blog, come set with me by the computer while I set up an account for you.
.. so I did.
But I have to admit, I'm still a little confused on what a blog really is.
Do I write or "blog" me feelings down like in a diary?
Is it like writing a book..of my life?
Do I blog as if I'm talking to a group of people or one person in particular or do I blog my deepest feelings for my eyes only?
Is it similar to a radio DJ that sits by himself  in a small room that laughs and talks a one sided conversation for hours on end ..when he's not really sure anybody is even listening
..or are they?
Where did the word blog come from?
Is it short for something?
How do I start, where do I start?
..or did I already start?
humm..SO many questions????
I think I'll sleep on it and give it a shot tomorrow.


  1. You're doing it exactly right. Spill out your feelings, your pictures, your remembrances of your mom, times when you were a kid, times when WE were kids, your battles, what's worrying you, or whatever else is on your mind.

    The radio DJ comparison is kind of accurate, if the radio DJ guy is talking for himself, too. "Blog" comes from "web log," which started in the 90's as online diaries, or logs of peoples' lives. And you just started. :)

    And how about a post on how much you remember about your first day of school or why growing up in the 70's was so awesome, or your weirdo old dog Meggie and how much you love her, complete with a picture? I'll be reading. :)

  2. Sorry, that comment was actually me. I signed in to your Blogger yesterday because I couldn't remember your blog address. Oops! :)